Bird Proofing Tips in Cape Town


Although most birds are known to be peaceable with humans in the Cape Town, they have their wild side. For instance, they can litter your home with droppings. What is worse, these droppings are known to carry over sixty transmittable diseases. What is more, bird droppings contain a highly destructive acid that can easily damage your house if the droppings are left to accumulate on the roof. So you have to find ways to eliminate pest birds from your home. The good thing is that there are various useful tips that you can use to control birds in your compound. With these tips, you will be able to keep your home or business premises clean.

For starters, if your home is infested with pigeons, you can drive them away by installing pigeon spikes. These spikes will prevent birds from settling on your roof. However, you have to ensure that the spikes you install are useful. So you may be required to hire a bird proofing expert to install the spikes for you. These spikes should be placed on the roof in such a way that birds will not find a space to rest on. That is the only way you will be assured of a roof without bird droppings. These repellents also should be 11″ to 13″long, and they should be made of strong steel wires. What is more, these wires should be protruding in different directions. Such repellents are good enough to keep birds away. Other active bird repellents include sonic repellents, gels, and electric pest bird wires.

Another effective way of controlling pest birds is to install scarecrows around the premises. That way, you will be able to scare birds away. However, you need to ensure that your scarecrows are installed properly so that they can be useful. These repellents should be placed strategically around the premise. Most of these scarecrows require wind to function. So you have to be sure that the location you decide to install them has enough wind. It is also good to keep changing the design and shape of your scarecrows so that pest birds do not get used to them. If it is possible, you should keep changing the location of your scarecrows. This is important because it is meant to show the pest birds like someone is coming for them. That way, they will never settle on your house.

Another important factor that you need to consider when you are dealing with birds is the fact that most of these bird proofing methods do not offer impressive results immediately. So you have to be a bit patient. So instead of changing your current bird repellent method because it does not seem to be yielding results, you should try to give it more time. But if it doesn’t seem to be yielding any results, you can look for an alternative. You also need to be a little suppler in your attempt to fight pest birds in your compound. It is wise to mix and match different bird control methods.

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